Three Ways To Get Freebies During Your Next Hotel Stay

Traveling can be expensive, but getting something for free will quickly put a big smile on your face. If you've just booked an upcoming hotel stay and are enticed about getting some freebies while you're there, you can do more than just keep your fingers crossed. Lodging hotels will often give out freebies to guests, whether it's an upgraded room, vouchers for free food or drinks at the restaurant, or more — and you'll increase your odds of being one of these lucky travelers by knowing what steps you need to take. Here are three ways to get some freebies during your stay.

Book Through The Hotel

Many hotel guests book their rooms through third-party websites. While there are advantages to taking this approach, there's also a downfall. Because you're paying bottom dollar for the room, you may be at a lower risk of getting a freebie thrown your way during your stay. Conversely, you should think about booking through the hotel directly. Whether you do so online or call the front desk to make your reservation, you'll show that you're a loyal guest, and this can help you get freebies during your stay.

Use Social Media

Hotels often maintain a social media presence, and larger, higher-end properties have staffs specifically assigned to manage these accounts. Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a combination of the three, it's in your best interest to "like" or "follow" the hotel in advance of your stay. Sharp hotel marketing teams will check their new followers against the guest list, and when you arrive in your room, you may see a freebie or two on the table as a way of expressing thanks for following. Communicating with the hotel via social media in advance of your stay is another effective way to get noticed.

Just Ask

You might be surprised what you can get by simply asking for something for free. There's no need to be coy about it if you know what type of freebie you're after, you may be surprised at how easily you get what you want by asking politely at the front desk. For example, if you're interested in a complimentary upgrade to a larger room, a room on an upper floor, or a corner room, just make this request when you arrive to check in. If a room is available, the front desk clerk may simply change around your reservation for you.

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