Trouble Sleeping Away From Home? Here's How To Make Your Hotel Room Feel More Familiar

Some people find it difficult to sleep when they're away from home, which can make the thought of staying at a hotel while on a vacation or a business trip feel daunting. There's no need to be concerned, though. Asking to stay on a quiet floor can take care of any unfamiliar noises that could disrupt your sleep, and there are a number of other simple tactics that you can use to make your hotel room feel a lot more familiar. Here are some ways to accomplish this goal.

Add Some Comforting Scents

The smell of a room goes a long way toward making it feel familiar, but that doesn't mean that you should travel with scented candles that you burn at home. Hotels typically have no-candle policies, and the last thing you want to do is set off a fire alarm. Instead, if you use an essential oil diffuser at home, take it to the hotel with you. It will put off a pleasant smell that can make your surroundings seem more like home. Another simple strategy is to spray a bit of your spouse's perfume or aftershave onto a piece of construction paper, put it in a small zipper-top bag and then rub the scented paper on your pillow before bed.

Brew Your Favorite Brand Of Coffee

Many hotel rooms are equipped with coffee makers. Instead of just heading for the local coffee shop, travel with a small container of your favorite brand of coffee from home and brew a pot in the evening. If you often drink a cup of coffee (decaf, possibly) after dinner at home, this familiar scent will take you right into the mindset of home and you'll hopefully have no trouble crawling into bed and having a good night's sleep. Even if you don't favor drinking coffee in the evening, brewing enough to scent up the room can make it feel like home.

Travel With Your Favorite Snacks

Whether you pack some favorite snacks from home before your trip or you visit a supermarket before you check into your hotel, having familiar snacks at hand can make you feel comfortable as you relax in your room. Think about the snacks that bring you comfort at home, whether it's a certain brand of yogurt or a type of cracker. When selecting your snacks, stay away from those that contain caffeine, such as chocolate. These may compromise your ability to sleep soundly. Contact a hotel like Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn to learn more.

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