Planning And Pulling-Off A Successful Corporate Event Or Work Retreat

Making an impact on those attending a work-related function is a good measure of how successful the event is. If you are planning a work retreat or corporate event, take strides to increase attendance and improve participation. Plan features that make the function worth attending to improve interest in the future, which means paying attention to some integral elements of the event.   

Some tips that can make a big difference in the success of your event are:

The venue.

It makes the most sense to plan work events and retreats away from the workplace to maintain focus and to prevent work-related distractions from impacting the activities. Treat your attendants to a fine hotel conference room or private space at an area establishment. Try to keep it local to ensure distance doesn't prevent invitees from participating.

The food.

Your team will appreciate a good meal during the event, and this will provide stamina to get through the day's agenda. Skip overloading your staff with carbohydrates, and make sure there is plenty of protein and healthy options available. Take a survey ahead of time to determine any dietary restrictions or allergies among your team to ensure everyone is well-fed.

The speaker.

Make sure the speaker or lecturer that you hire for your event is dynamic and interesting enough to maintain everyone's attention. Plan on these types of activities early in the day, and save more hands-on activities and exercises for after lunch. This will prevent those in attendance from feeling tired during long-winded presentations after they have eaten.

The participants.

Keep your group small enough to provide familiarity and foster participation, but not so small that it becomes too intimate. Provide everything each person will need- paper, pen, water, snacks- so that no one has to leave the venue once they arrive. Schedule frequent short breaks for attendants to interact and to stretch.

Ensure success with your work-related function:

  • Plan the event during normal working hours to ensure the staff doesn't run into scheduling conflicts with family, childcare, or other obligations.
  • Think about things like parking and costs to reduce financial obstacles for your team.
  • Consider the cost-efficiency of chartering or renting a shuttle to transport your staff from work to the event site, and back again after for convenience.
  • Reward those that attend with something to remember the event with, such as a promotional product or goody bag. Raffle off something at day's end to help keep staff there for the duration.

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