3 Reasons You Should Consider Assisted Living Facilities For Your Elderly Loved One

Many elderly people are afraid they will lose their independence when if they move to an assisted living home. Choosing an assisted living facility can be the best option for older people that are no longer able to live alone, but can still do many tasks for themselves. Check out three great reasons your loved can benefit from living in an assisted facility.

Emergency Call Services In Every Apartment

Assisted living facilities offer private rooms and apartments, each one also having a built-in emergency call system. If your loved one is in his or her right mind and able to live alone, but does have a tendency to fall, knowing he or she can call for help at any time is a great benefit. Being able to call for help that is on standby day and night while also being able to live independently is especially beneficial for an elderly person that wants to retain their dignity and independence. Also, assisted living facilities have high-level security in place so your loved one will never have to worry about unwanted intruders and burglary. 

Helping To Keep Elderly People Focused On Living The Good Life

The fear that many older folks have about moving into an assisted living home can be easily dispelled by a trip to visit a facility. Taking your loved one to see the kinds of daily activities going on in an assisted living is a good idea. For example, some assisted living facilities are incorporating exercise programs, continuing education courses, cultural outings like trips to the theater and museum and much more. If your loved one has a hobby he or she enjoys like gardening or woodworking, he or she will still be able to do those hobbies. When your loved one sees the kind of enjoyable lifestyle being led by other residents, he or she may have another opinion of living in an assisted care facility.

Pets Are Welcome And Encouraged For Residents

One of the greatest fears about moving to an assisted living facility for many older people is about losing their pets. For lots of older folks, their pets are as close to them as their children, sometimes being the only other living thing they have left to care for. If your loved one does not want to leave his or her home because of losing their pet, knowing that pets are welcome and even encouraged in most assisted living facilities can be a huge determining factor in choosing to move into one. Many assisted living facilities include pet therapy in their list of services for residents.  

If the time has come that your elderly loved one needs to live in a place that is safer, considering an assisted living facility is the best way to go. Your loved one's health are provider can help you find the best assisted living facilities in your area.

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