Finding Housing When You Work As A Traveling Nurse

Taking on employment as a traveling nurse can be very exciting. It can also be quite nerve-wracking because you do not know where you will live once you have reached your employment destination. Some traveling nurse companies provide your shelter ahead of time as part of your agreement to serve for "x" number of months or a year. Others will provide you with a list of furnished apartment properties with which they have a standing agreement. If you find that you are on your own to find room and board, there may be a way for you to select an apartment from the list of tenement properties provided by your agency.

Ask Your Nursing Agency If You Can View the Apartments Online

Sometimes this option is available to you because owners of the tenement buildings rent or lease to anyone and have an account with a real estate agency. Your nursing scheduler at the agency could check to see if you can view the open apartments online and then give you the links to see them for yourself. Living in an apartment provided by places like R E Management Service Inc with someone else's decor and furniture means you will want a place that is clean and comfortable, especially if you work third shift and need to sleep during the day. Being able to view the apartments and the rooms online helps alleviate any anxiety you feel about this situation.

Check Out Corporate Housing

Corporate housing provides you with the shelter and comfortable surroundings you are looking for when you work as a traveling nurse. Again, depending on which traveling nurse agency you work for, and where you are headed, corporate housing may or may not be an option. Sometimes agencies have corporate housing in Texas for their traveling nurses but not in Alaska. Your nursing scheduler will notify you in advance if corporate housing is where you will stay, or if other furnished apartments are available to you.

Ask About Subsidized Housing 

When no apartments are available through your agency's corporate housing or contracts with tenement buildings, you can ask about subsidized housing. This is a pre-arranged situation where you select some apartments you are interested in, and then request a subsidy from your agency to help offset the costs of living in one of them. Often, agencies will select your least expensive option if they are willing to help you find and pay for housing. This is an especially nice option if you find a nicer apartment you like and your agency is willing to send a rent subsidy every month.

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